My First Par Junior Golf Program

Delivering best beginner golf lessons Singapore - My First Par Junior Golf Program is a program based on the concept of teaching kids as athletes first, and golfers second. This program was formulated by Titleist Performance Institute and will help kids develop a lifelong love for the game of golf. It is a Long Term Athletic Development program that is used in many countries sports to develop junior potential. Golf lessons Singapore through this program offers students the best opportunity to become trained and become the best in the field. It simply delivers the best golf training Singapore lesson that’s second to none. 

With focus on providing first-rate Singapore golf lessons - the program consists of two main elements: 1) Golf Technical Skills and 2) Physical Skills, both of which are important in the development of a golfer. In Golf Technical Skills, we cover the basics of grip, aim, posture, swing plane, weight shift, etc. In Physical Skills, we cover motor movements and motor skills development and apply these to the golf swing.  

Golf Is For Me - Beginner To Advance Golf Program

This Singapore golf lessons program is designed to take you from range to the course and from the tee to green. In this program we’ll have you ready to play golf with others without feeling intimidated or embarrassed. We will take students through every aspect of the game: from how to play, basic fundamentals of full swing and short game, rules and etiquette, even how to navigate the course!

My First Par / Golf Is For Me - Program Fees

  • Lesson fees stated are by per person.
  • ​Lesson fees come with club rental if needed and swing vide analysis.
  • ​Lesson fees do not include the cost of range ball use and on course green fee.
    Golf is a game of proximity and putting is no different. The closer you are to the hole, the better your chances of making the putt. Making the correct read on putts is an essential part of that task. AimPoint Express is a green reading system. If your serious about lowering your golf scores, then a AimPoint Express Green Reading session is exactly what your game needs.
    I think the number one reason that golfer’s miss putts is due to a lack of trust in their reads. It is much better to commit to the wrong line and make a confident stroke than hit a timid putt with the right line. The biggest reason to use Aimpoint Express is because it helps you feel confident about your read and commit to it more often. Like anything, human error plays a role in the success/failure of using the system, but it is the closest thing we’ve got to perfection when it comes to green reading.
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