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The One-of-a-Kind, State-of-the-Art Golf Lesson in Singapore.  Brush up your long game technique with Singapore PGA Professional Golf Coach, armed with both FlightScope and BodiTrak technologies.  These clinics aim to help you with a better understanding of the fundamentals of the long game through technologies and how you can develop and longer and consistent ball flight with better footwork and club face & path control.  These clinics are suitable for players of all levels.  

Class schedule: Every Weekday at 6pm / 7pm / 8pm / 9pm 
Class size: Limited to 6 students per class
Class fees:  Weekdays - S$499 / 10-Lesson Term


You’ve seen how great players swing. But how do they think? Learn the strategies and techniques that work for the best players in game.  These Singapore Golf Lessons are offered every weekday at 9:00am and 4:30pm and are geared for the experienced golfers who needs help with Course Management, Shot Selection, Scoring Opportunities, Planning, Shot Shaping, Trouble Shots, Understanding, Different Lies. 

Obtaining your PC & Handicap cards are available here too.  

Class schedule: Every Weekday at 9:00am 
Class size: Limited to 3 students per class
Fees: S$120.00 per class (+ S$50 green fees)

Junior 9-Hole Playing Lesson

Delivering best beginner golf lessons Singapore - My First Par Junior Golf Program is a program based on the concept of teaching kids as athletes first, and golfers second.  This program was formulated by Titleist Performance Institute and will help kids develop a lifelong love for the game of golf.  It is a Long Term Athletic Development program that is used in many countries sports to develop junior potential. Golf lessons Singapore through this program offers students the best opportunity to become trained and become the best in the field. It simply delivers the best golf training Singapore lesson that’s second to none. 

With focus on providing first-rate Singapore golf lessons - the program consists of two main elements: 1) Golf Technical Skills and 2) Physical Skills, both of which are important in the development of a golfer.  In Golf Technical Skills, we cover the basics of grip, aim, posture, swing plane, weight shift, etc.  In Physical Skills, we cover motor movements and motor skills development and apply these to the golf swing.  

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Class schedule: Every Weekday at 6pm / 7pm / 8pm / 9pm 

Class size: Limited to 6 students per class

Class Fees:  S$499 / 10-Lesson Term or S$219 / 4-Lesson Term

Class schedule: Every Monday & Tuesday 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM / 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Class size: Limited to 3 students per class


Fees: S$120.00 per class (+S$30 Green fees)

Venue:  Mandai Executive Golf Course

My First Par Junior Golf Program

This Singapore golf lessons program is designed to take you from range to the course and from the tee to green.  In this program we’ll have you ready to play golf with others without feeling intimidated or embarrassed.  We will take students through every aspect of the game: from how to play, basic fundamentals of full swing and short game, rules and etiquette, even how to navigate the course!


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Lesson Options:

  Private Lessons / Private Groups:  











Group of 2





Group of 3





Group of 4





Price listed are in SGD per person.

  The Unlimited - For Serious Golfers Only  

Weekday Warriors   ---   S$ 800 / month unlimited private lessons from 10:00 AM to  2:00 PM.

*Terms & Conditions apply.  


The Elite Player Development Program offers best golf lessons in Singapore and is a comprehensive training for aspiring high performance golfers who are looking to become the best player they can be and have the goal of playing college golf and beyond.  The program provides a comprehensive and systematic approach to training, competing and skill development for young men and women.


It has been rated as the ultimate beginner golf lessons Singapore. Students will be instructed on the technical, physical and mental demands required to play golf at highest level. Each participant will receive opportunities for regular instruction, within a program designed around the needs of each individual. The program is extremely successful and it yields results. Participating students experience tremendous growth as young adults and have achieved many outstanding feats as competitive golfers. 

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Program covers but not limited to the following:


+  Swing Sessions

+  Short Game Sessions

+  Putting Sessions

+  Mental Development Sessions

+  On-Course Special Shots Session

+  On-Course Putting

+  On-Course All Short Game Session

+  On-Course Pre-Event Strategy / Course Management Session


Program includes the use of:


+  Flightscope 3D Club Data

+  V1 Pro Swing Analysis

+  K-Vest 3D Analysis

+  BodiTrak Pressure Mat Analysis

+  Mental Golf Profile Workshop

+  FocusBand Mental Training

+  TPI Golf Fitness

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